Theatre Rental


Ever thought how cool it would be to have the whole theatre to yourself?


Whether a Special Anniversary,

Customer Appreciation Day,

Church Youth Group,

or a simple gathering just for fun,

we can accommodate you!


Prices include a private auditorium(s), your choice of movie from our current selection, a small drink and small popcorn for all attendees.

Number of People Rates
0 - 20 $250.00 flat rate**
21 - 50 $11.50 per person
51 - 100 $11.00 per person
101+ $10.50 per person

** Please note if you wish your special event to take place at 7:00 pm the minimum rental is $400.00

If you wish your special event to take place after 11:30 pm the minimum rental is $500.00

All other showtimes the minimum rental is $210.00

3D selections are subject to a $2.00 surcharge.


If you wish to see a movie that is not a part of our current selection, we may be able to bring the movie in for your special event. The cost to do this is $250.00 in addition to the price per person.


Pop and Popcorn upgrades are $1.00 per size, per item.


$50.00 Deposit is payable at time of booking, Balance due upon arrival.