Drive Up Snacks
Drive Up Take Home Snacks

Thank you to all that ordered "our drive up take out" service

We will open up more days/times for ordering and pick up in the next few weeks. It fills my heart that you are enjoying movie treats during your family movie nights at home and supporting my family's business

Fun fact: Did you know you can freeze popcorn? Just pop it in the microwave when you want to enjoy and its (almost) as good as when its first popped!


- Text your order to 604 316-3974
- When you arrive at the theatre, text "I'm Here" to 604 316-3974
- When your order is ready, we will text you with "Ready"
- Come to the box office window, pay and pick up your order


Sorry, there currently no drive up take home snacks dates.
Please check back again later


Regular Popcorn
Large Popcorn
• Salt & Vinegar
• Dill Pickle
• Sour Cream & Onion
• White Cheddar
Fountain Pop
Regular Fountain Pop
Large Fountain Pop
• Pepsi
• Diet Pepsi
• 7-UP
• Mug Root Beer
• Brisk Iced Tea
• Lemonade
• Mountain Dew
• Dr. Pepper
• Orange Crush
• Ginger Ale
Mini Donuts
One Bag Mini Donuts
Two Bags Mini Donuts
Theatre Sized Candy
Theatre Sized Candy
• Twizzlers
• Twix Bites
• Snickers Bites
• Hershey Drops
• M&M Chocolate
• M&M Peanut
• M&M Peanut Butter
• M&M Almond
• Fuzzy Peach
• Wine Gums
• Swedish Berries
• Maltesers
• Sour Skittles
• Glosette Raisins
• Glosette Peanuts
• Junior Mints
• Aero Mini
• Reese Mini
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy